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COVID-19: Managing Mental Health Amid the Pandemic

COVID-19: Managing Mental Health Amid the Pandemic

Seniors aged 65 years and older are among those considered the most at risk for COVID. To prevent the spread of the virus to this vulnerable population, social distancing measures have been implemented. But while these measures have helped contain the virus, there is no doubt that they have also harmed seniors living at home and in assisted living homes.

Our personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia, recommends the following tips to help seniors maintain their mental health during this period of uncertainty:

  • Follow a healthy routine.
    Healthy habits equal a healthy mind. Eat a well-balanced diet, get enough sleep every night, and exercise your body and mind regularly. Walking, yoga and other forms of exercise can do wonders for mental health.
  • Avoid staying glued to the news.
    While it is good to stay informed about the current situation, too much news consumption can heighten feelings of anxiety and distress. Avoid checking the news every hour and stick to the most important updates.
  • Stay connected to family and friends.
    Humans were not built to be alone. Although it may be difficult to see other people in person right now, technology has thankfully made it easier to stay connected. There are many ways to stay in touch, such as social media, video conferencing, or good old-fashioned telephone.
  • Think about the good.
    Even though the world may be chaotic, there is still good that exists. Focus on that. Remember the things that truly matter. When all of this is over, people around the world will hopefully come out stronger and kinder.

Rising Star Personal Care Home continues to help our residents live comfortably during the pandemic. We remain committed to providing a 5-star living environment and services such as 24-hour personal care and medication assistance in Georgia.

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