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How to Keep Your Mind Young as You Age


Dementia is one of the most common illnesses that affect our seniors’ brain health. It is a serious cognitive illness that can even manifest in the deterioration of the patient’s physical health as it progresses. This illness can affect anyone, even someone who does not have a family history of the disease. This is why it is important to embody the ways on how to make our cognitive health in its top shape as we grow older. As a trusted personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia, we recommend the following activities to keep your mind young:

  • Engage in mind exercises. One study reported that people over the age of 50 who engage in games such as sudoku and crosswords have better brain function. These games exercise your cognitive skills and provide you with a fun hobby to enjoy while relaxing.
  • Constantly communicate. Maintaining constant communication with our loved ones is also important since it urges our brains to remember people and our shared moments with them. While we cannot visit our family and friends as often as we would like because of the pandemic, we can always catch up with them by calling them or videocalling with them.
  • Participate in meaningful activities. Studies show that seniors who participate or volunteer in charity are less likely to have dementia and have improved thinking abilities. If you are in assisted living homes, you can participate by packing care packages for communities in need of help.

At Rising Star Personal Care Home, we can provide your elderly loved one with the best living situation while they are staying ith us. We also take care of them by offering our services such as medication assistance in Georgia.

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