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Adult Day Care

Day Care for Your Senior Loved Ones

Day Care for Your Senior Loved Ones

Caregiving is a challenging task especially if you and your other family members have full-time jobs to maintain. There will always be that anxiety if your elderly loved ones are okay at home—have they taken their medication? Are they eating well? You hope they’re not wandering around the house and hope that they’re safe when you come back.

These are just some nagging thoughts you have a caregiver. But worry not, you don’t have torture yourself with worry for your loved ones. Our personal care home of Stone Mountain, Georgia is here to assist you.

With our adult day care service, you can be sure that your loved ones are taking their medication on time with our medication assistance in Georgia and eating their recommended diet. Our caregivers and social workers also keep them company along with other seniors whom they can foster social ties with. Our senior residents are encouraged to join group activities and interact with other people to create bonds and maintain their social skills.

Our services are also geared towards assisted living homes so that our senior clients can be comfortable and feel at home while receiving the care that they need. Our staff keeps an eye on them all the time without being intrusive to ensure that they are safe, healthy, and happy.

You don’t have to feel anxious and guilty for leaving behind your senior loved one at home. At Rising Star Personal Care Home, we treat our senior residents with the utmost care and respect. We ensure that they still exercise their agency and independence.

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