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Adult Day Care

Family Members and Adult Day Care: A Win-Win


The services of an adult day care are not limited to the seniors alone. Assisted living homes can also be very beneficial to the seniors’ family members. In the said facility, the seniors will have the option to stay in the facility for only a fixed time during the day. It is beneficial to them because they can socialize more, have fun, will be able to go out of the house and their independence will be preserved.

Aside from the mentioned joyful benefits of the seniors, their family members can also benefit from it when they send their loved ones to adult daycare. While the facility will provide temporary care and assistance to the aging adults, their services are also a great advantage to their families because it:

  • assures the family that their senior loved ones are being well taken care of;
  • helps reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety over the elders’ well-being;
  • will let them fulfill your errands and other responsibilities while their senior loved ones stay in the center for the meantime; and
  • allows them to go to work without the feeling of guilt by leaving their aging parents alone at home.

Rising Star Personal Care Home is known as an adult daycare. It is known as a personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia. Our facility offers services to provide quality care to seniors and these services are customizable according to the senior or the family’s perusal.

Aside from the services we offer, we are also known as an efficient aide in giving medication assistance in Georgia. Thus, if you would like to engage in our services, and experience the win-win advantage of adult day care, give us a call for us to address your inquiries.

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