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Senior Care Tips: How to Maintain Healthy Lungs

Senior Care Tips: How to Maintain Healthy Lungs

Due to their age, seniors often need medications to maintain a healthy body, keep illnesses away, or keep the symptoms of chronic disease in check. In fact, some seniors are prescribed multiple medications just to keep them healthy.

To ensure that your loved one won’t have to rely 100% on medication or need round-the-clock medication assistance in Georgia, help them maintain healthy lungs now. Here are some basic care tips to remember for it:

  • Encourage them to stop smoking.
    Smoking can cause the lungs to deteriorate. The deterioration rate is even faster for older adults. Ensure that your senior parent stops smoking or take the necessary steps to quit now.
  • Get exercise regularly.
    Most assisted living homes will encourage seniors to get regular exercise. Of course, the exercise routine will be approved first by the senior’s physician. Doing aerobic exercises, more specifically, regularly is known to promote healthy lungs for older adults.
  • Be wary of pollutants.
    Older adults have lower immunity against airborne pollutants. That’s why seniors must stay away from secondhand smoke, people with aerosol transmissible diseases, and the likes.
  • Learn breathing exercises.
    Breathing exercises are known to eliminate stress. It can also improve lung capacity. That’s why learning breathing exercises can really be beneficial to older adults.

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