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Adult Day Care

Transitioning to Assisted Living Homes

transitioning-to-assisted-living-homesChoosing to age in place or continuing to remain and grow older in one’s own home comes with its fair share of ups and downs. While it tends to improve seniors’ quality of life due to the comfort, familiarity, and independence it offers, opting to live independently can pose both health and safety risks.

With that, considering to transition into assisted living homes is a vital part of making better decisions about the care delivered for aging individuals. Humans as we are, companionship and regular social interaction are necessary, more importantly for seniors to continue living a healthy and fulfilling life. Living alone can be dangerous, and for that, spending golden years at Rising Star Personal Care Home is ideal.

  • Alleviates loneliness and isolation
    Socially isolated seniors are more prone to heart disease, infectious illness, and cognitive deterioration. Further, clinical depression can be triggered by social isolation, and that of which feelings of anxiety can be magnified without a companion.
  • Promotes better medication adherence
    Many seniors often take multiple prescriptions on a daily basis. Thus, having someone to provide medication assistance in Georgia ensures that medications are taken as prescribed – which avoids medication errors and fosters better health outcomes.
  • Avoid the risk and dangers of falls
    Seniors are much more likely to fall because of health decline, which is why companion care ensures senior safety and security with regard to mobility.
  • Address senior malnutrition
    Part of the personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia is delivering a fine dining experience to seniors, with three times a day of savory, well-balanced, and nutritious meals.

Allow your senior loved ones to stay in a residence that they consider a home away from home. Contact us today for more details.

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